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I Did It.

This picture pretty well sums up my life the last view months. College has been on the horizon, unfortunately, so have all the dollar signs that come with the joys of choosing one’s life path. I got to a point where if I heard scholarship, loan, grant etc. one more time, I though I was going to detonate.


I am a very bull-headed person that tries to procrastinate everything until the very last minute and then have a mental breakdown because everything is out of order and due the next day. Makes sense right? Anyway, due to the constant reminders I finally filled out some scholarship and loan information for college due to the fact my attendance was on the line if I wasn’t able to finance everything. Did I mention the school I’m going to is my dream school and the only one I applied for? Yeah, this money was rather crucial in the long run.

All in all, I did what I needed to do and finally received enough money to completely pay for the first year of college. YAA!. 😀

I never realized how much of a reality check/ major relief getting a loan and scholarships would be.

I cannot wait for the upcoming months of visits to tie in all the rest of the loose ends.  

Around the World in 12 Photos

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We’re beyond proud that incredibly talented photographers around the world choose to showcase their photos on WordPress.com.

Pack your virtual bags and join us on a turbo trip from Bangkok to Brisbane and from Kolkata to Los Angeles (with a few stops in between) as we explore the wonders of the street photography tag on WordPress.com. Be sure to fasten your seatbelt and review the in-flight safety features of our turbocraft before we taxi for takeoff.

First stop, a market seller in Bangkok, Thailand, courtesy of Majawi Images.

BANGKOK, THAILAND: Market Seller 1, Bangkok from Majawi Images BANGKOK, THAILAND: Market Seller 1, Bangkok from Majawi Images

Next up, Los Angeles, California, and Donald Barnat‘s photo of insouciant street youth, entitled, “Forever 21.”

LOS ANGELES, USA: Forever 21 by Donald Barnat. LOS ANGELES, USA: Forever 21 by Donald Barnat

Over in New York City is “Out of the Shadows” by Shawn Escoffery.

NEW YORK CITY Out of the Shadows by Shawn Escoffery NEW YORK CITY: Out of the Shadows by Shawn…

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11 Untranslatable Words You Didn’t Know Existed



Language has always been a curiously complex phenomenon. While Eskimos have 100 different words for snow we still struggle to find the right vocabulary to express love in our own tongues.

The list of words that can’t be deciphered from one vernacular to another are outstandingly beautiful. Here are 11 untranslatable word you didn’t know existed:

1. Cualacino


The mark left on a table by a cold glass.

Language of Origin: Italian

2. Depaysement


The feeling that comes from not being in one’s home country.

Language of Origin: French

3. Goya


The transporting suspension of disbelief that can occur; i.e in good storytelling.

Language of Origin: Urdu

4. Iktsuarpok


The feeling of anticipation that leads you to keep looking outside to see if anyone is coming.

Language of Origin: Inuit

5. Jayus


A joke told so poorly and so unfunny that one cannot help but laugh.

Language of Origin: Indonesian

6. Komorebi


Sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees.

Language of Origin: Japanese

7. Pana Po’o

Pana Po'oThe act of scratching your head in order to help you remember something you have forgotten.

Language of Origin: Hawaiian

8. Pochemuchka


A person who asks a lot of questions.

Language of Origin: Russian

9. Sobremesa


The time spent after lunch or dinner, talking to the people you shared the meal with.

Language of Origin: Spanish

10. Waldeinsamkeit


The feeling of being alone in the woods.

Language of Origin: German

11. Mangata


The road like reflection of the moon on the water.

Language of Origin: Swedish


The Truth About Travelers

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Press play first.

_DSC7058 copy

We have been called many things. Travelers, by default. But we like to be called nomads. Explorers. Vagabonds. Adventurers. Wayfarers. Modern gypsies. Wanderers. We’ve adopted them all. A growing breed of humans with restless feet and the inability to stay still, the inability to stay in one place.

That is who we are. And that’s just the gist of it.

We come from all walks of life, from bustling gray colored cities, sleepy beach towns, snow-covered metropolises, small villages nestled in between lush green mountains, we come from everywhere. But our inner gravity always brings us to the same place… the road.

We deem courage weighs more than money when it comes to travel. We’re not rich, not financially well-off and we don’t travel for luxury. Our money does not come from rich parents, trust funds, or whatever privileges you think we have in order to maintain…

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Street Photography: Putney High Street

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Over the last couple of days I have been walking from one end of the local high street to the other, my Nikon on my tummy, 35mm lens. ISO set high enough to yield a smallish aperture to get a safe depth of field. More or less. So much for the technicalities. The more interesting bit is the people who walk to and fro and generally inhabit this half mile of shops, paving stones and tarmac. From the quirky, to the pensive, the aggressive, the ugly, the resigned, the damaged, is there nothing that a camera cannot make look interesting? There’s little more to say on the matter. The true genius of photography lies in the ability to capture and freeze an instant of so called “normal” life, to be scrutinised at an almost forensic level, by anyone, at any time, and for however long into the changing future, as…

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